Well that was fast

And… I’m done.

Zombie Top-Down Shooter is complete (enough.)

I’ve coded all the elements of the game, developed all the levels, added all the sprites, included some cool audio, etc. The game is (mostly) fully functional and I’m itching to release it to players to let me know what you all think.

That said, here’s the deal:

  1. I promised my son he’d be the first to play the game. So until he has a chance, I’m not posting it here to play.
  2. Since I don’t have a Mac, the game is only ready for PC. (I’m not going to send out a blind install without at least testing it myself.)
  3. There’s polish missing. The game’s in a minimum state.
  4. I need to put together an attribution page for some of the audio and visual assets. I’m not an artist, and didn’t want to spend money on this, so I’ve kludged items from Google searches and now need to put together a list of those that require attribution and put it in the game.

So what’s missing? What’s still to be done? Well, in no particular order…

  • Polish. Already identified, but the game needs some flash and bling and elements to engage the player on a more visual level. Arcade-style games are full of evocative elements. The game has some, but needs more.
  • More elements. The game has zombies, walls, and walls you can break. It needs more. I’m thinking of things like radioactive toxic “zombie making” barrels that are spilled and do damage to players as they are in the glowing green sludge. Maybe adding additional visuals to some elements like visuals on the breaking walls. Maybe some “traps” like walls that break and release a horde of zombies. Things like that.
  • Again, already stated above, attribution of assets that aren’t mine.
  • There’s no high score system yet.
  • There’s no time counter in the game yet.

Things I won’t be adding to the game. Don’t ask. It’s not going to happen:

  • Story. The game doesn’t need one. Or if it does, it doesn’t need me to impose one.
  • Related, depth beyond, “3 lives and a gun. Kill the zombies and survive.”

Stay tuned. I’ll post a download link when the game gets out of alpha testing.

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