Wall Monsters on Kickstarter

A Steam Crow creation


I Support Wall Monsters

I know you love monsters as much as I.

So its awesome that I get to be one of the first to report that, for the past couple of months, my friend Steam Crow has been hard at work designing some fantastic WALL MONSTERS just for you and me!

I’m excited to report that I’ve just been informed that the art is done and the Kickstarter project has been released. Now Steam Crow just needs you…

I’m asking you to show some love for your love of monsters, indie art, and a good friend without whom Mad Scientist: the Game may never have been a reality.
Being a voice for this great project is the least I can do.
But this isn’t about my stuff. Its all about these awesome WALL MONSTERS!

Steam Crow Wall Monsters

Want the details?

They’re antique-styled paper wall decorations you can cut out and proudly display anywhere, anytime… Break them out for Halloween, or just leave them up all year round.


  • Big – most are about 3 ft tall
  • Posable – Most have a dozen joints (Elbows, neck, knees, etc.)
  • Screen printed – Onto really nice brown cardstock.
  • Limited Edition – You can’t find these at a Big Box store.
  • Art Decorations – Suitable for Halloween or all year long.
  • Made to Last – Printed on acid-free French Paper Company paper.

So go visit the Wall Monsters Kickstarter page to pledge your support for this awesome project. You won’t be disappointed.

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3 Responses to Wall Monsters on Kickstarter

  1. Daniel says:

    Thank you, Kevin!

    Very kind of you.

    We both love monsters!

  2. Kevin says:

    Any time Daniel. I’m happy to assist.
    The monsters you’ve created look absolutely amazing.

    Besides, on a selfish front, I want the project to be fully funded so I can get my Wall Monsters too.

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