Villains for Kids: The Croonosaurus

So after checking some search phrases hitting this blog, I noticed someone misspelled Chronosaurus (which inadvertently was a misreading of Chronossar combined with a Kronosaur so it’s fitting that this post and creature stems from such a mistake hitting a post stemming from another mistake) by doubling up on the o’s and was directed here. Thinking that’s a great name for a kid’s villain, so was born The Croonosaurus. – KO

Cover your ears citizens! Don’t listen to the Liliensternus lyrics of this week’s foe! He’s larger than life, he’s a Dino after Dean’s footsteps, he’s the ultimate Lounge Lizard, a real Retro Reptile.

OMG So Retro!

Oh The Horror!

He’s The Croonosaurus!


Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

A dinosaur with a voice… well, like a dinosaur. But he sings those crooner songs we all know and love! Thr trouble with this week’s villain is that he may think he’s a crooner, but he’s still a dinosaur… and he still sounds like a dinosaur! How will our heroes deal with a six ton enemy who only wants to sing and dance?

Hide your children from the velvet-less Velociraptor voice of this most misguided enemy. And run for cover from the terror’s more dangerous cousin, The Croonosaurus Rex… who probably yodels!

How will our heroes muzzle this Brontosaurian Bad-Guy… and with such massive teeth?

Should the defenders of our beloved city find a way to silence this massive foe, they’ll have to hop to it when next week into our midst comes The Frog-Slinger!

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