Top Secret Project

I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you

Sorry I haven’t been active with posts lately, I’ve been a touch swamped with real life work (you know, the kind that pays the bills.)

Top Secret Dossier

Authorized Eyes Only

We’re in the process of doing some amazingly cool and large-scale things. And for some reason everyone seems to think I’m the go-to guy. I believe it has something to do with the combination of my inability to follow hierarchical chains of command and my talk show host nature (I have an opinion on just about everything and apparently I believe everyone is entitled to hear it.)

And what’s more, I’m embarking on a personal secret project that involves:

  • Text messaging
  • 2 way SMS gateways
  • Voting
  • Television

Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? The original idea is 100% all the wife’s and I’ll only take credit for handling the “how do we make this work?” part of the project. I’d honestly tell you more, but I think its such a killer idea that I’m hesitant to say too much.

I’m in the initial phases of producing some proof of concept code and applications. Hopefully I can announce something soon.

All that said, you can breathe easy and rest assured I’m not out of the game / game development business. In fact, I should be getting a new board for Mad Scientist from Superior POD shortly. I’ll keep you informed when it arrives so we can check it out together.

Also, I’m trying to get a small Google+ game going with some geographically divergent friends. I’m hoping to get the ball rolling on that soon too and will keep you posted on how it goes.

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2 Responses to Top Secret Project

  1. Kevin says:

    A few updates for the curious:

    1. No, I’m not dead.

    2. On August 5th I received the following from SPOD: “…your board will be completed and shipped tomorrow.”

    3. Proof of concept for the secret project is nearing a phase 1 completion. Not entirely sure where I plan to go with the service – I have a handful of possible opportunities I’m considering. But from a tech viewpoint, I’m making some very serious headway.

  2. Kevin says:

    Huge thanks to CellTrust for getting my test account set up and passing messages to my development environment. Another milestone achieved in Project: RemoteControl.

    Initial data schema defined – check
    Analysis/reporting procedures and code – check
    SMS gateway message handling – half a check

    We’re close now folks… so very, very close.

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