The Piper Pipes and Children dance

A Trilogy of Terror Adventure Scenario in the Darkwood

The final offering for this Friday the 13th’s Trilogy of Terror is here.

We began this dastardly day with a trio of How to: Stat a… iconic creature posts, then moved on to a tale of a secret that segued into the description of an artifact in the Darkwood setting, now I present you with a the outline for an adventure scenario for that same horrific setting.

I do not intend to fill in the details of this adventure, that is left for you.

But this is an example of how adventures and scenarios will be presented. Remember that the Darkwood is a dangerous setting where horror lurks just outside the gates of any civilized area.

This adventure centers around the seasonal appearance of a danger to the town’s children.

The Piper Pipes and the Children Dance:

The Piper:

The Piper Piping

Come join the dance my children

The Piper is a Satyr-like Fey creature who pipes to call children into the deep woods where he consumes their souls by forcing them to dance to his melodic tune until exhaustion, starvation, thirst and finally death are their reward.

The Piper comes but once a year in the Spring/Summer but not every year. He appears for a few consecutive days as the Spring turns to Summer, just before nightfall and pipes until daybreak. His melodic tune carries easily on the Summer breezes and can be heard by all.

The tune is catchy for adults, but a dangerous charm for children with who will be struck with the irresistible desire to run into the Summer night and dance with the Piper. Children afflicted with lycanthropy and vampirism, like those of the Gypsy families, are less affected by the piping of the Piper – they may succumb to the desire to dance, but are not compelled to follow the Piper into the deep forest.

Defeating the Piper:

How to defeat the Piper? The Piper cannot be defeated. Any attempt to mount any attack or confrontation will lead to nothing more than the Piper vanishing into the darkness and reappearing from the forest at a different location – there may be a few moments to an hour before the Piper returns.

Only by waiting the Piper out and enduring his melody can disaster be prevented. However, while this may seem a fairly easy task, affected children may become violent and pose a danger to themselves, those around them, and even the very structures built to keep them safe, should they be prevented from joining the Piper in his dance.

Faced with the danger of both the Piper, the affected children, and the need to keep both the town and the children safe, how will the characters react to a visit from the Piper?

Upping the ante:

Of course there are solutions, and expect players to exploit them. Players are known to be a resourceful group… and it is Friday the 13th… and this is a Trilogy of Terror posting, let’s up the ante with a few possibilities to make the situation more interesting.

  • What happens to the children of those who are outside the walls of town? What happens if their parents and guardians of those children refuse to send them inside the town walls for protection? What happens when those children join the dance and those parents demand someone rescue their children?
  • What happens when a head count demonstrates some children are missing? What if the missing children are members of someone powerful in the town’s family? What if those missing are family members of the characters? Or the children of the characters?
  • What happens when the Piper pipes on a night of the Full Moon and the wolves begin to howl? Can the characters handle a dual offensive from the dark creatures of the forest?

Well, I leave you all with this simple ending. Hope your Friday the 13th was a fun as mine. I enjoyed bringing you another Trilogy of Terror!

Is that a melodic tune I hear drifting in over the breeze?

Perhaps you should sleep with the light on tonight?

Until next Friday the 13th…

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