Swimming with Sharks – a first splash at the water cards

Come on in, the water's fine...

Swimming with Sharks is coming along nicely.

You may recall that I’ve been planning on categorizing the both the water and shark cards into point criteria. I’ve got the shark cards set with the following list:

Swimming with Sharks - Blue Shark 1

Swimming with Sharks – Blue Shark

  • Four 1 point shark cards consisting of:
    • 2 Blue Shark cards
    • 2 Lemon Shark cards
  • Four 2 point shark cards consisting of:
    • 2 Mako Shark cards
    • 2 Tiger Shark cards
  • Four 3 point shark cards consisting of:
    • 2 Bull Shark cards
    • 2 Hammerhead Shark cards
  • Two 4 point Great White Shark cards
  • One 5 point Megalodon Shark card

I’m working on the science blurbs for the cards and getting the shark images just right, but the sharks are nearing completion so I figured it was time to really sink my teeth into the water cards.

Though I wanted to do something similar with the water cards, I’ll admit I’ve been struggling with getting the right mix of bodies of water to fit into the points on the cards.

My plan for breaking up the water point cards in ascending order of size with increasing point value would fit with the theme of shark size increasing with point value, but every time I try to get the cards in the right format I seem to hit some walls.

For a time I was even considering using made-up locations for the water cards, but somehow that didn’t feel right. I mean, why go through the trouble of putting “nerding” up the shark cards with actual facts only to ignore anything actual and real on the water cards?

Well, I’m happy to say that after a few passes on Wikipedia, and a few glances through some old geography books I’ve got my list for your review.

As a side note, you wouldn’t think that geography would change much, but  I can report that, since I was in high school, things have changed a lot. – Kevin

Here’s my current list:

  • Twelve 1 point River, Lake and Landlocked Sea cards
    • Amazon River
    • Assam River
    • Brahmaputra River
    • Caspian Sea
    • Ganges River
    • Lake Nicaragua
    • Lake Pontchartrain
    • Mississippi River
    • Mozambique Channel
    • Ohio River
    • Potomac River
    • St. Lucia Estuary
  • Ten 2 point Bay, Gulf , and Strait cards consisting of 2 from each Oceanic Region :
    • English Channel (Atlantic)
    • Gulf of Mexico (Atlantic)
    • Hudson Bay (Arctic)
    • Baffin Bay (Arctic)
    • Bay of Bengal (Indian)
    • Persian Gulf (Indian)
    • Gulf of Alaska (Pacific)
    • Gulf of California (Pacific)
    • Bass Strait (Southern)
    • Great Australian Bight (Southern)
  • Eight 3 point Sea cards consisting of at least 1 Sea from each Oceanic Region:
    • Baltic Sea (Atlantic)
    • Mediterranean Sea (Atlantic)
    • Greenland Sea (Arctic)
    • Arabian Sea (Indian)
    • Red Sea (Indian)
    • Coral Sea (Pacific)
    • Philippine Sea (Pacific)
    • Scotia Sea (Southern)
  • Five 4 point Specific Ocean cards consisting of:
    • Atlantic Ocean
    • Arctic Ocean
    • Indian Ocean
    • Pacific Ocean
    • Southern Ocean
  • One 5 point World Ocean card

I wanted to be sure to use bodies of water that contained sharks but I’m not an expert, so if I’ve listed something you think I shouldn’t (or have a better answer) please speak up.

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