Super Growth! becomes Team Building Exercise!

Funnier. And much better... Also, did I mention funnier?

At the end of April I posted that I wasn’t happy with the names for the “add a card” mechanic event cards for Mad Scientist. As a result, I tossed it out to the public to help perhaps identify better, more appropriate, and hopefully funnier names for Growth and Super Growth.

Super huge thanks to everyone who submitted ideas. Its obvious you’re all incredibly talented and understand what I’m aiming for in the game. I can prove it easily because I liked all your ideas far more than mine. – KO

Out of all the ideas, I immediately realized that “Team Building Exercise!” was a much better name for “Super Growth!” and nothing ever offered seemed to capture the card concept as well.

Today I can present you with the artwork that joshuanimation created for that event card.

Team Building Exercise event card for Mad Scientist: the game

Team Building Exercise!

Pretty cool isn’t it?

The image so simply but perfectly captures the fun of the game and even some of the mad dash means that some Mad Scientist players employ to quickly snatch up whatever monster part card they’ve been eyeing and hoping the dice let them take out of the laboratory. I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result.

Now its on to the new Growth card where I’m really liking the name “Sew What?!?” (another Demiurgus suggestion – huge thanks again) but am still having the same issue before the name changes… namely what image should I ask joshuanimation to create?

The image needs to be fun, lighthearted, humorous, and kid-friendly. Anyone have any thoughts?

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7 Responses to Super Growth! becomes Team Building Exercise!

  1. RaceyLacey says:

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
    Love the card images.
    Love ’em to death!

    Does this mean only one card to go and the game’s complete???

  2. Thanks Lacey. 🙂

    Yep, one card and the game pieces are complete.

    I already ordered in (and have received) a few bricks of glow-in-the-dark d6s to send out with game purchases, so the only thing left will be to assemble the graphics for the box and find a reasonable place to get the lab sheets laminated and put the game up for sale on the KORPG shop page.

  3. RaceyLacey says:

    I seem stuck on that word today.

    Anyway, I guess that makes me wonder. Just what are you thinking of doing next?

  4. I was thinking of re-focusing on For Truth and Justice! since that was what everyone voted should be my next game release.

  5. Demiurgus says:

    More than happy to be of service. I don’t have too many creative outlets. As for an image suggestions, I’m running short. I’ll be sure to let you know if that changes, though.

  6. Demiurgus says:

    Perhaps a mad scientist standing in a lab near his unfinished creation, looking puzzled at some weird-looking organic object in his hand? Like a cross between a squid and a hamster, perhaps, but without a face or discernible feet.

  7. I think the artist managed to come up with a great image for “Sew What?”

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