Super d6-lite

Working on For Truth and Justice! has got my brain working overtime on Superhero themed thoughts and concepts.

I’ve wanted to tackle fitting the d6-lite RPG framework into a supers format, but this challenge was a bit more… well… challenging than the other d6-lite genre adaptations. For some reason Superheroes are such an open-ended concept that it was difficult for me to discover how to pare them down to a single page.

Then inspiration struck…

Perhaps it was in this blog post on describing superheroes within the For Truth and Justice! board game that I came to the realization of how simple it really is to describe iconic superheroes without the need for a lot of fluff.

I realized that I had to revisit this challenge.

Join me in donning your super-suit!
Let evil-doer’s beware!
Tonight the city’s citizenry will once more know justice!

The d6-lite framework has come to the Superhero genre!


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5 Responses to Super d6-lite

  1. greywulf says:

    Oh very good. Consider this added to my “we gotta try this” pile.

  2. Kevin says:

    Thanks greywulf. I’ve had this concept, in one form or another, in mind for a while now but for some reason it took creating a board game to realize how to make it functional.

    Let me know if it works for your group or if it turns out to be a super flop. I’m interested in hearing your results.

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