Seeking dice for Mad Scientist: The Game

I'd love your opinion and advice

A little background in case you’ve all forgotten:

The concept behind Mad Scientist: The Game is to roll a d6 and create a monster based on the results. The game is themed to family/kid play and has a look and feel all its own. And yet, therein lies the rub.

What I need is some advice/assistance…

I’ve been scouring the web looking for a good supplier of d6 dice with numbers that match the feel of the game. And to be honest, I’m not entirely happy with the results of my searching.

Some dice look right, but their availability is seriously lacking. And since I intend Mad Scientist to be the game flagship for KORPG, I’m wanting to have a steady supply of dice readily available at relatively a moment’s notice.

Some dice fit the bill on one or two fronts, but don’t measure up on another. I can find pip dice in a variety of styles that would work well, but I really want numbers to extend the game down to younger players.

And custom dice are out of my price range currently.

So I guess what I’m asking for is someone to send me in the right direction…

Here’s what I really want:

  • Green (or black) d6 bulk 16mm (or larger) dice with numbers, not pips.
  • The numbering ideally would be easy to read for players ages 3 and up, yellow or black (or green if die is black.)
  • Since readability is key, I’m leaning toward opaque, but translucent would probably fit the theme of the game vis-a-vis color scheme. As a result, I’m interested in either.
  • Finally, I don’t want the cost of a single die to push the price of the game. I don’t even want it to be on of the main price-point factors.

So if anyone has any thoughts, please drop me a note here and I’ll take a look. I’m getting to the point where I need to nail down these minor details soon in order to be ready for the release of the game.

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