Red Zone

Are you ready for some football?

Red Zone

In American football, the red zone is the area of the field between the 20 yard line and the goal line.

It also is a great game for 2 players with a single d6 die.

Number of Players:


Required Materials to play: 

Pen/Pencil and Paper (for score-keeping) and a d6

How to Play:

Players agree to a given number of “tries” and who goes first.
Then, on each player’s turn, that player rolls the d6 four times and adds the rolls.

If the result is over 10, that player has successfully scored in the red zone and gets 7 points.
If not, the player has failed to score.

In either event, play passes to the other player who begins his or her attempt at scoring.

Who wins:

Once all the “tries” are attempted, the players tally their score and the one who succeeded to get into the end-zone the most times wins the game.

Feel free to discuss it here or on the Red Zone Forum.

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