RAD Teen image manipulation take 2

Here’s a quick view of an updated version of a RAD Teen image for the Role Assignment Deck.

This updated version now has a more pronounced outline and includes a suit (hereby now coined as a “clique”) as well as sub-role identifier.

Original First Attempt Current

RAD Teen

RAD Teen

RAD Teen

RAD Teen – Diamonds

RAD Teen

RAD Teen – Queen of Diamonds

I’m hoping that I’m heading in the right direction on this and would love any feedback.


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2 Responses to RAD Teen image manipulation take 2

  1. The subtle increase in green glow works well. Gives that slightly irradiated look!

    Also, found a good site for custom decks: http://www.artscow.com. Seems like you already have that part squared away, but figured I’d mention it.

  2. Kevin says:

    Slightly irradiated look. Exactly what I’m going for. :)
    The wife indicated she’s like to try her hand at something… won’t tell me what, so this project is on hold until she can give it a go.

    As for artscow, I looked into them but honestly don’t remember why I passed them over.

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