Oh goody-goody

I Shoot Randy is in the mail

Just received this email from PayPal:

Hello Kevin,

Your package from Print & Play Productions  is on its way.

Which means the cards and boxes for the initial I Shoot Randy production run are on their way to my door…

Thanks to Andrew at Print & Play Productions I’m about to see the game in production quality.

Oh man, I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl – OK, maybe not that giddy. But I’m excited nonetheless. Having a completed production game means I’m one step closer to opening up sales of the product.

Next step: Quality Assurance.

You might recall that I have some specific requirements for producing the game:

Here’s another look at my list of criteria for the game production:

  • Made in the USA: This is a must have for me. I’m not an isolationist, but I can’t really afford to fold in international shipping costs in my game pricing structure. Nor can I afford to unwittingly find myself selling games with lead and cadmium in the dyes.
  • High Quality: In gauging printers, this is the most important factor in my consideration; KORPG games strives for quality over all other concerns and I want to make that clear in the nature of the product itself.
  • Inexpensive: Like all businesses, costs incurred in production will be passed to the consumer; keeping expenses low means I will pass those savings on to the consumer and can sell the game for less.
  • Quick turn-around: I don’t really want my customers to be waiting three months to get a game. While the understanding has to be that I’m not planning on having a large inventory and I know that shipping times will come into play as well, mitigating printing delays will help me to be responsive to my customers. Which dovetails into…
  • Responsive: If a printer can’t be bothered to get back to me in what I’d consider to be a reasonable time frame, then all the above criteria don’t really matter much. As the adage goes, “Ignore your customers long enough and they will go away.”

These criteria are not in any order, though as you can see based on the responsiveness criteria, I value some higher than others.

I promise to do my best to not just rip up the packaging like some Christmas morning montage. Instead, I’ll try to have the digital camera ready so I can post screenshots of the results of the production run and give some impressions of the game as a completed product when it arrives.

Again, big thanks to Andrew at Print & Play Productions for making this a reality.

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