Negative Event and Trap Positions on the For Truth and Justice! Board

Because being a Superhero brings with it certain challenges...


Mr. Incredible - We're superheroes. What could happen?

We’re superheroes. What could happen?

Being a paragon of Justice and Truth isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Sure, you’ve got super powers and are guided by an ideal that just speaks to your honest, law abiding position among the good people of Justice City.

But following a Code of Honor can leave a superhero vulnerable to those who would see you removed from their path to evil. Criminal Masterminds seek to tarnish your good name, discover your weaknesses, and even threaten your loved-ones.

Yep, being a superhero isn’t as easy as it sounds…

And that’s exactly how we make the For Truth and Justice! board more interesting…

In order to provide for some of these interesting occurrences that might be experienced by a superhero, I wanted to create a few special positions on the Justice City board for the Superhero board game For Truth and Justice!.

I decided to use a few very typical negative situations that can be faced by Superheroes in their day to day lives and give them life on the board.

Some threats never go away:

While some events will only exist and be experienced once a hero starts to thwart the Master Criminals and others will only occur when that same hero is but a fledgling paragon of righteousness, most will be a concern no matter the level of criminality faced.

As a result, I’ve decided that most event positions will take 2 spots – 1 for the Small Time, Small Crime inner circle, and 1 for the Big Time, Big Crime outer circle.

A matter of scope:

However, the scope of some small time thug learning the identity of a friend or family member is easily much less threatening than some Evil Master Criminal knowing the same information.

So those in the inner circle will be described as small negative events and won’t have a major impact on the superhero’s current situation, while those in the outer circle will be more serious and will denote a significant threat to the hero.

Some examples:

Inner Circle Event Board Positions:

  • Secret Uncovered! – Lose a Turn dealing with the situation
  • Friend or Family Member Threatened – Lose a Turn rescuing them
  • Secret Weakness Discovered! – Go Back 2 Spaces
  • Framed for a Crime! – Lose a Turn clearing your name
  • Innocents Hurt during Crime-fighting – Go Back 1 Space

Outer Circle Event Board Positions:

  • Secret Uncovered! – Go back 2 Spaces and Forfeit two Heroic Deed Tokens (if you have no Hero Tokens, you must go back two additional Spaces to a total of 4 back.)
  • Friend or Family Member Threatened – Lose a Turn and Forfeit a Heroic Deed Token (if you have one) to rescue them
  • Secret Weakness Discovered! – Go Back 2 Spaces and Release any Master Criminal You’re Escorting. (Place the Master Criminal back at the place of his/her crime)
  • Framed for a Crime! – Lose a Turn and Forfeit a Heroic Deed Token clearing your name
  • A Criminal Escapes! – Select a Master Criminal at random from those in the Justice City Prison and place that Master Criminal at an open City Location.
  • Gain a Nemesis! – Pick a Master Criminal at random from those in the Justice City Prison. Place that Master Criminal at the open City Location furthest from your current position. You must travel to, defeat, and escort this Master Criminal to Prison before you can do anything else. (No other Superheroes can thwart this Master Criminal.) If you succeed, you gain double the Heroic Deed Tokens for this task.

As you can see, the events in the Outer Circle are most serious simply because the superhero has caught the eye of the Master Criminals. And as such, they are ever mindful of ways to use the Hero to their advantage.

Some general thoughts and concerns:

Note that these board positions are not considered Stop Positions and will only come into play if a player’s token lands on them at the end of their travel. Otherwise superhero characters with travel powers letting them ignore Stop Positions will have a significant (and unnecessary) advantage.

Placing these positions on the board means I will likely need to determine a path of travel for each circle. Otherwise players will simply ignore one path of travel in favor of a less daunting one.

The floor is open to suggestions:

As usual, if you have ideas on other traps I could put on the board, please don’t hesitate to describe them. I’d love to see what you think is appropriate.

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4 Responses to Negative Event and Trap Positions on the For Truth and Justice! Board

  1. These are good. I like the ‘Framed for a Crime’ one, since that always happens to the hero. I’d go with what you have, dude! My imagination fails me for improvements..

  2. Kevin says:

    Yep, while I’m not able to itemize them all, every hero has been framed for a crime at least once a series.

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