Mad Scientist website move

Because we weren't really parked...

Just a quick note to inform you all the I’ve moved the Mad Scientist: The Game website from the free hosting provider to a subdomain of this site.

You can now find the Mad Scientist Game website at:

No content has been changed, the site is a near identical mirror of what was previously hosted.

I’ve set up the 301 redirects and mapped everything over so even those linking back to the previous location will still hit the proper page on the new domain.

I’ve also modified all the links I have in place here on the site to point to the new subdomain…

But sometimes things don’t work out as planned. So if you find a link that should go to a valid page at the old domain, and are now getting a 404 error, please let me know so I can address it.

I have no intention currently of dropping the domain name for the game and will keep the pointers in place as long as I do. But that name is cumbersome and I’m considering all my options.

I’m sure some of you are wondering why I would bother to pull the site back to a subdomain when it was operating perfectly fine on the current host…

Well, I have better hosting for the KORPG™ domain and figured if Mad Scientist was to be my flagship game, I should treat it as such.

What’s more, just a couple days ago the host where the previous domain was pointed was misidentified by Google as being parked. As a result, the site was pulled from the index. I’m happy to report that the error was corrected, no great losses were incurred since the game is still in the creation stage, but it did happen.

Knowing that I was using free hosting for the domain has made me nervous on a lot of levels, and I thought it was time to address the problem before things grew to a point where the move would be even more painful and challenging.

I sincerely hope the change has a greater positive impact than any headaches it creates – but only time will tell.

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