How to: Stat some iconic monsters in Zombie d6-lite

Because who doesn't need more monsters in Zombie d6-lite?

Halloween is just around the corner and I thought that I’d get the ball rolling here at KORPG™ by taking a stab the next couple of weeks at seeing how I would stat an iconic monster or creature.

Since role playing in a world with monsters probably has a horror bent, I’ll be focusing on how these creatures would look in a Zombie d6-lite game format.

Zombie d6-lite

Zombie d6-lite

Though translating them to any of the d6-lite offerings would likely be trivial at best. – KO

Currently in my queue are: Vampire, Werewolf and Mummy.

However, consider this the green light if you’d like to see how I would tackle any iconic monster in a d6-lite framework, post your requests for me to stat your favorite here and I’ll try to do just that.

Also, if you find you disagree with my analysis and stat assignment, here’s your invitation to murder me (online) by cutting my opinions to shreds and be as critical as you’d like… In light of the upcoming season, feel free to be monstrous even – so long as your responses are family friendly of course.

Release the monsters!

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22 Responses to How to: Stat some iconic monsters in Zombie d6-lite

  1. Phillip_IO says:

    Perhaps add ghost to your list of to-do’s

  2. Kevin says:

    Consider it added. Good call Phillip.

  3. Phillip_IO says:

    When are these blog posts going to start?
    I’m interested in seeing them and don’t want them to get lost in the redesigning D&D stuff.

  4. Kevin says:

    I thought I’d start posting them at the beginning of October and run the series through Halloween seeing how many iconic creatures I could stat up.

    Don’t worry, if I lose track of the time or get too sidetracked, I’m giving the green light for you or anyone else to feel free to prod me back into action.

  5. levertis says:

    As far as monsters how about robots,swapmen and demons. And can you do a d6 lite wrestling and kung-fu game? Or tackle Harry Potter?

  6. Kevin says:

    Good additions levertis.
    Consider the robot, swampman and demon creatures added to the queue.

    Hmm… a d6-Fu and a d6-Potter… those sound like interesting ideas. I’ll see what I can do.

  7. Kevin says:
  8. levertis says:

    I’m going to run the vampire this weekend.

  9. Kevin says:

    Very cool.

    Please let me know how the Vampire stacks up in the d6 framework. Should be a worthy foe if the players have to take some time determining that “regular”, non-specific attacks have little to no effect against the creature.

    Of course once they realize what they’re up against… who knows.

  10. levertis says:

    Just saw the pad footed werewolf, ill try him in call of D6!

  11. Kevin says:

    The Werewolf is a perfect creature for a Call of d6-lite game. A little physical rending to go along with the sanity rending sounds like a nice juxtaposition to spring upon an unsuspecting group of players.

  12. Kevin says:

    Second post completed earlier today… How to Stat a Werewolf in a d6-lite game.

  13. levertis says:

    Yeah, the first time my group sees the werewolf they will have to make an sanity check. hope they don’t fail. Cause the physical is coming next.

  14. Kevin says:

    As usual, the request stands to let me know how the horror goes… hopefully that’s horror for the players, not you.

  15. levertis says:

    Well the vampire gave the group a good run. Lost half the group before they put two and two together. Now they want to play an vampire/werewolf d6 lite game. Sheeze! Can’t please these ppl. Overall it was Android good game and now they want to hunt down supernatural monsters around the world hence call of and all other d6 lite games they are calling themselves “protecters of humanitys”.

  16. Kevin says:

    Well that’s a good thing I suppose.

    Sounds like your players are really enjoying the game – which is nice to hear from my perspective.
    Glad to hear the vampire was a nice challenge that wasn’t too easy or too hard.

    I’ll get to work on a few other classic baddies for your group to face off against.

  17. levertis says:

    “We’re we going? London! Yay, I get tickets! ….wait we’ll be looking for what? Oh, um I’ll hold the fort down here.” – Mr. James Holmes

  18. levertis says:

    Dah frankensteins monster! Goblins. Serial killers. Boogyman. Just was about to sleep and they came to me. Goodnight all.

  19. levertis says:

    Scarecrow. Would be a nice monster for d6 lite.

  20. Kevin says:

    Posts are up.

    Keep the ideas coming, I’m going to try to get to them all before All Hallows Eve.

  21. Kevin says:

    New to the series, the Poltergeist… the noisy cousin of the restless spirit.

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