How to: Stat a Ghost in Zombie d6-lite

Putting the BOO! in your Zombie d6-lite game

The sun keeps setting and October grows shorter, and here at KORPG™ I’m still following through on my series of how I would stat some iconic monsters in a Zombie d6-lite game.

Zombie d6-lite

Zombie d6-lite

Today’s featured creature is a challenge on two levels, it has no corporeal body and can manifest in at least two ways…

Today we call back from the grave, the restless spirit, the ghost!



From beyaond the grave…

The breakdown of ghosts in our usual ghoulish 13 facts is a bit of a challenge as ghosts are more of a generic category than a specific creature. But let’s take some cues from the current field of ghost literature, movies, film, and ancient knowledge and try none-the-less.

A terrible 13 facts about ghosts:

  1. Traditionally speaking, a ghost is the manifestation of an energy from beyond the grave.
  2. Ghosts manifest in a variety of ways that lead to strange sights, sounds, smells, movements, etc.
  3. Ghosts are commonly associated with bizarre or horrific deaths.
  4. Ghosts are also commonly associated with the death of someone who has left something very important unfinished.
  5. Ghosts are tied to a person, place or object. This tie is called a haunting.
  6. Ghosts can be summoned from beyond the grave.
  7. Ghosts manifest in one of two general types of haunting; passive and interactive. In an interactive haunting, the ghost can be interacted with and can interact with its current environment. In a passive haunting, the ghost is like a playback of an event in the past and cannot interact with its current environment – though it will still interact with the representation of the environment from the time of the original event.
  8. Ghosts are not always human, but can be animals – most notable pets such as dogs and cats are reported.
  9. Human ghosts can posses or take over the physical bodies of others.
  10. Ghosts are not always malicious but can also be playful, helpful, friendly, or otherwise.
  11. Ghosts are not limited by the concept of time and have even been reported to appear hours before the death of an individual – usually as a warning or a sending of the death event.
  12. If the haunt is interactive, one can appease or drive out the ghost by performing an act or passing along information. Ghosts that are interactive often are trying to inform someone from beyond the barrier of death or need an act completed they failed to do while alive.
  13. If the haunt is passive, only destruction of the haunt tie will destroy the ghost.

So how would we handle the statistical representation of a ghost in a d6-lite framework?

Strength: Stamina: Smarts: Speed:
Weak Tough Average Fast
Ghosts are immune to physical harm.
On a successful Head attack, a ghost can attempt to posses an individual and control their actions.
This can be prevented by a successful test of Stamina.
Once in control, a ghost will have the attributes of the possessed.
Any successful damage to the possessed will drive out the ghost.
The manifestation of a ghost usually indicates that the entity is trying to impart knowledge or request assistance from beyond the grave.
Good ghost representations have left something undone or need someone to pass along information (usually about their death.)
Once the act is completed, the ghost will be able to finally rest.

The ghost is a mystery from beyond the great mystery of death that only careful study and directed action can resolve.

Happy Halloween from KORPG™

Happy Halloween from KORPG™

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4 Responses to How to: Stat a Ghost in Zombie d6-lite

  1. Kevin says:

    Oh and don’t confuse Ghost with Poltergeist, those are two different entities.
    The former now done, I’ll be posting about the latter soon.

  2. Excellent series for this time of year–keep ’em coming. If you ever compile these ‘monsters’ into a PDF or something, I’d be glad to contribute some drawings or something.

  3. Kevin says:

    Thanks, more are on the way.
    As for the art offer… I’ll shoot you an email if that’s ok.

  4. Kevin says:

    New to the series, the Poltergeist.

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