Havenshold – a Sanctuary in the Darkwood



Havenshold - Updated Map

Havenshold – Updated Map

A – Mayor’s Manor House with fenced yard region.

B – The town Church with attached mausoleum and a fenced off graveyard.

C – Town Hall where the town meets to discuss and debate events and situations.

D – Central Region for homes and structure within the safety of the stone wall. Families who live here are older and see themselves as living in a more secure region of the town. Homes and structures here are much larger and built from stone with tile roofing.

E – External Homes outside the stone wall. These homes are still protected by a wooden palisade structure but are not seen as “safe” to those who dwell inside the stone protection. Homes here are smaller and made of wood.

F – Mill, Grainery, and Warehouse where the town stores farmed foodstuffs for the long winter.

G – External Storage where overflow and excess foodstuffs are stored before being shipped to other towns.

Additional homes lie outside the wooden walls in the region surrounding Havenshold. Families who dwell outside the safety of the walls are seen as “odd” and untrusted by those in the town.

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