Halloween is a mere three weeks away

And the next Friday the 13th isn't until February

The clock is ticking…

Like the timeless and unstoppable march of death, with the passing of each moment, Halloween looms closer and closer… and try though you might, you are powerless to stop it.

It's Alive!

They called me mad….

Instead of cowering in fear, I propose we embrace the terror, accept the role of mad scientist, and once again pull back the veil on the horrors that lurk in the corners of our minds. Let us revel and do as is want this time of year by holding a Trilogy of Terror with a trio of new and terrible posts.

Trilogy of Terror Part 1

Starting with a look at how to improve the mystery and horror in your role playing games. We’ll delve deep into the topic as we discuss appropriate mood, language, and pacing for the genre. We’ll also look at how you withhold information but leave players empowered. Lastly, we’ll discuss putting characters on a clock and why doing so is of crucial importance to the theme.

Zombie d6-lite

Zombie d6-lite

Trilogy of Terror Part 2

Then, so you’ll be able to play it with your friends on that fateful night  -should you be so bod as to desire, I will release a d6-lite mystery/horror adventure in the Zombie d6-lite framework. I’ll be dovetailing in our previous Trilogy post by using as many of the tools we’ve discussed and drawing from some older Trilogy of Terror content such as How to Stat a Ghost in Zombie d6-lite.

Trilogy of Terror Part 3

Finally, let’s plan to wrap up the Trilogy with a special video treat… so stay tuned.

… I hope you all survive the month.

Happy Halloween from KORP

Happy Halloween from KORPG™

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