Growth! becomes Sew What?

Sew funny. Sew very very funny.

Its complete!

joshuanimation has come through once again with artwork for Mad Scientist: the Game.

You’ll recall that, much like Super Growth, I didn’t really think Growth evoked the right imagery for the game and was looking for a better card name. Super Growth became the far more appropriate Team Building Exercise but I was still left with a challenge in coming up with the right image to place on the card. I’ll admit to being very concerned that I’d once again be left in view of the finish line with no means of completing the race.

But that didn’t happen.

Here’s the great artwork joshuanimation created for the card:

Mad Scientist: the Game event card Sew What?

Sew What?

With the artwork complete, its on to getting all the components in the same box.

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One Response to Growth! becomes Sew What?

  1. Demiurgus says:

    That is grand. I love both the facial expressions, but it’s the profound unhappiness coupled with annoyance on the face of the monster that really sells me on it.

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