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Lots of cool community themed content on the Blogger Network these days.

As usual, count me in on a few.

Plus I was a boy scout, so there’s that linkage to consider as well. – KO

After perusing the various badges, I would have to say that my GMing style would be best described by the following collection:

My GM style is…
I like to make it up as I go alongImprov You're as much in control as IMirror Mystery AwaitsMystery Prepare to be challengedPlayer Challenge Help me tell a storyStory No rules are sacredTinker

As you can see, if you sit down at my table, expect the following:

  • To be greeted by the game and the story, and not necessarily a lot of pre-planned activity or codified rules.
  • To be challenged not only as a character, but as a player.
  • Since I’m doing this from the seat of my pants, expect there to be some mystery to how the ending is uncovered.
  • However, as a bonus, if you’ve got a great idea or come up with something cool, expect me to incorporate it into the tale as well.

Yep, that about sums up my style quite nicely.

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