Four years of KORPG™

Thank you all

Four years ago I decided to register this domain name to set up this site and create a blog to chronicle my development of the (currently abandoned) universal RPG system KORE.

And since people have asked, I’ll give you all a little historical insight.
Here’s the original concept behind the names KORPG™ and KORE:

  • KORE is an acronym for Kevin Oedekoven Role-Playing Engine. I still consider dredging out KORE and re-branding the d6-lite game  frameworks as the engine part of KORE.
  • KORPG™ was intended to be an acronym for Kevin Oedekoven Role-Playing Games but, as RPGs soon became but a segment of the focus of this site, quickly moved past that simple moniker to a transliteration of Raven Games (Korp G.)

As with all things, as time has passed, this site has grown from that simple idea and evolved into to something far better.

  • I’ve branched out from a single-minded focus on RPGs to include board games, card games, dice games. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?
  • I’ve got games I’ve developed and am now selling online. But I’ve got a lot of freebies that can be downloaded too.
  • I’ve had games translated and expanded by the people who love them, and I’ve been pleased and humbled by how far those games have been taken both in genre and geography.

And while all this has changed the focus of this site, making it a more vibrant and interesting place, none of that would have ever happened without YOU.

It is YOU, and your enjoyment of the things I make and share, that are the engine that drives me to create.

Thank you,

Kevin Oedekoven

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2 Responses to Four years of KORPG™

  1. Congrats on 4 years… I love the site and reading what you are up to. Thanks for your work for the last 4 years.

  2. Kevin says:

    Should go without saying but… Naturally the readership and enjoyment of information you share is reciprocal.

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