For Truth and Justice – Justice City nearing completion

Evil-doers Beware!

Here’s a quick look at the most recent iteration of the Justice City board for the game For Truth and Justice!

Justice City gains some interesting locations

Justice City is now a more interesting place

Click to open a window to the large version.

As you can see, as discussed last month, I’ve added some interesting positions (both negative and positive) for our intrepid heroes to experience as they travel the city in search of nefarious foes to defeat and master criminals to thwart.

I’ve also decided it was appropriate to go with a very comic book style to the game. I’m pleased with how the board is progressing.

You may also note that the inner circle (Small Time Small Crime) is now a one-way path since players must travel the circle once before moving on to the outer circle (Big Time Big Crime.) This change is noted by the inclusion of a set of arrows.

I’m hoping to be able to get the game into a state ready to play-test before the weekend, and have been creating some prototype cards and dice to do just that.

I’m anxious to start patrolling the streets of Justice City…

Or as my friend The Raven says, “Evil-doers beware! You’ve just been put on notice.”

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