Villains for Kids: El Tirar-Rana! (The Frog-Slinger)

Hide in your homes good citizens! Amphibians are on the loose!

He has the power to create amphibians out of thin air and throw them at his foes!
Frogs to fling!
Salamanders to sling!
Toads to throw!
Newts to toss willy-nilly!
It matters not!

He is El Tirar-Rana, the Frog-Slinger!

Think this is a foe worth laughing at? Think again. This week the heroes of our fair city will find themselves facing a villain so bizarre, so strange, and yet so dangerous that their skills will be surely tested.

Those frogs may be of the poison dart variety!
Those toads may cause warts!
Those salamanders  and newts may slither into outfits and cause hilarity and disaster alike!

And what of those minions? Are they aware of their role in these villainous acts? Or perhaps they too are victims of the terrible power El Tirar-Rana possesses.

How will the paragons of justice who protect our law-loving citizenry fare against a ne’er-do-well who can enlist the aid of amphibians to do his bidding?

What does this strange villain want? What will end his reign of ampho-terror on our fair city? Only time and confrontation will answer these and other questions… are the heroes ready to face the Frog-Slinger?

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