Disaster Themed Event Cards for Mad Scientist: the Game

Best laid plans...

Sometimes things just don’t go your way in a game.

When things go awry in Mad Scientist: the Game players are required to put parts of their monster back in the laboratory. This is evident from the creature themed cards, but also in the cards Oops and Super Oops.

Once again I asked joshuanimation to work up some imagery for the generic “disaster” cards and this is what he created:

Mad Scientist: the Game Oops Event Card


Mad Scientist: the Game Super Oops Event Card

Super Oops!

As usual, the artwork he created was just as I described.

Now I’m just waiting for responses on card names for the generic “beneficial” event cards and then I’ll ask him to create something for them.

That done, I’ll be ready to finish up the prototype game.

I’ll need to:

  • Get Superior POD to do another set of cards with the new artwork
  • Find a good place to get the Lab Sheets printed and laminated
  • Perhaps get another Laboratory board with the imagery on it faded out a bit more.
  • Find a good place to secure glow in the dark d6 dice.

If all goes well, I expect to have a completed game ready for sale in about a month or two.

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