What is Convergence?

Convergence is now an online RPG session run via a Google+ Hangout.

Convergence Reborn

Convergence Reborn

Convergence is being reborn and I’m in the process of ironing out the details of the get-together.

When the next Convergence will occur? / Where the next Convergence will be held?

Convergence will be run online via a Google+ Hangout.

What games will be run and by whom? /  What if I’d like to attend a Convergence?

Convergence will be run online via a Google+ Hangout.
To be sure that you’re informed of when Convergence will be run and what will occur, add Kevin Oedekoven to your circle in Google+ and post your desire to be informed on this blog post about the re-branding and rebirth of Convergence.

So what is the history of Convergence?

Convergence was once an opportunity for a group of roleplayers to get together, without the distractions of their everyday lives for a weekend, and play the games we love. Sometimes we play, other times we reminisce, but the ultimate focus is to just have fun.

I think the original post about the “March Trip” (which later became the first Convergence) sums up what the gathering is about. A small portion of that post is highlighted here:

You know how everyone always talks about getting together with the old gang and just spending a weekend gaming?
You know how everyone thinks that’s a GREAT idea!
You know how everyone would jump at the chance to be a part of it?
You know how nobody ever takes the initiative to just set it up?
You know how much that really sucks?

Well, I got tired of it and just set it up. Surprisingly it wasn’t hard at all. Two phone calls and I had two players confirmed.

After one player made another call, there were four attendees.
In time word spread and we are up to five regulars.

And that was the genesis of Convergence.

What happened to the original Convergence?

The original Convergence disbanded (from my point of view) when the other original members no longer saw fit (some by direct action, while others by inaction) to have me attend.

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