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RPG Blog Carnival

RPG Blog Carnival

This post is for April’s RPG Blog Carnival on the topic of Cartography in RPGs hosted at A Character for Every Game.

I’m not really what you’d call an artist. My maps are usually nothing more than a hastily drawn collection of blocks and circles. Granted, they usually get the job done, but I’ve always wished I could do more. If you want to see some real talent, go check out the rest of the Carnival entrants.

That said, I have access to and the ability to do some coding. All of which means I can turn out things like this:

Do your modern city businessmen need somewhere to sell their goods?
Do the residents of your town need a place to purchase things?
Worried that one of your players will ask where their characters can buy something?
Concerned that one of those players will ask if any businesses are at this intersection?

Well, worry no more.

The What’s at this Intersection? utility now has a Downtown Business geomorph…

WATI - Downtown Businesses

Downtown Businesses

… and a Big Box store geomorph for you to add to your maps:

WATI - Big Box Store

Big Box store

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