Astrolomancer Reward Sheet

After further conversation, noodling, thinking, ignoring and generally just putting up a concept and seeing where it led me, I finally was able to come to a decision on how the rewards for Astrolomancer will be handled with regard to the character sheets.

Since Astrolomancers only improve by acquiring new powers and items that grant powers, I wanted to make sure as I created the character sheets that there was some means of recording these advancements. My initial considerations were:

  • One option I had put forth was to create a single sheet to which players would add the rewards they acquire during adventures.
  • The other option I considered was a format for GMs to hand out reward sheets to the players which would be used to represent the rewards in question.

I decided to go with the separate sheet per reward and as a result generated a single page with three reward templates; the first is for a reward with one power, the second has two, and finally the third has three.

You can download the current concept here: Astrolomancer Reward Sheet

Take a look and let me know what you think of the decision and format.

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