Astrolomancer character sheet take 2

Storm the Heavens in style!

Here’s my second attempt to create a character sheet for Astrolomancer. This attempt is more ascetically pleasing to the eye and has a condensed focus on the powers only generated at character creation.

Astrolomancer Fire Character Sheet

I’ve decided to go the route of 4 separate character sheets, one for each element; air, earth, fire and water. What’s uploaded for your perusal is a Fire Astrolomancer Character Sheet.

Download it and let me know what you think.

Some conversation points:

One of the things that has always really annoyed me with a lot of RPGs is the desire to fit absolutely everything and anything remotely necessary to the character on the character sheet.

As a simpler, more focused roleplaying game, I wanted the Astrolomancer character sheets to drop anything unnecessary to an original character. Hopefully I’ve accomplished that.

For those curious on how advancement with rewards will be handled with such a pared down version of a character sheet, I’m considering the following options:

  1. Providing reward cards to adventures and granting permission for players to photocopy the rewards so as to attach them to player sheets.
  2. Creating a third page that will simply be a list of possible power and item manifestations a player would add as rewards were acquired.

I could possibly place all the information on one side of a page if I decreased the fonts and the area for text, but for a game like Astrolomancer where powers manifest differently for each character, I wanted to make sure there was enough room to adequately write those manifestation details.

Again this is probably a bit of a backlash from all those character sheets with tiny boxes and lines inappropriate for the level of detail necessary for the given location.

Anyway, I’m open to discussion on the look, feel and content. So feel free to speak up if you have an opinion.

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