Are these the right card names?

Last night during dinner I was talking to my family about the current progress of the Mad Scientist game.

The game is close to completion and I’m excited to get it done.

In light of the artwork I’ve received for the event cards, I was discussing how I was struggling with coming up with some concepts for the imagery for the Growth, Super Growth, Oops and Super Oops cards.

As we talked about it, and came up with ideas for Oops and Super Oops for which I will be requesting artwork soon, I offered up the comment, “Maybe Growth and Super Growth are the wrong names…”

The card results, which I like and don’t want to change, are:

  • Growth: You may add any one monster part card in the laboratory to your monster
  • Super Growth: All mad scientists may add one monster part card in the laboratory to their monster

But I wonder at the names…
Are they wrong?

We considered:

  • Lend a Hand
  • Everyone Needs Some… body

And those are good.
In fact, I like them a  lot.
What’s more, it will be a great deal easier to conceive of concept art for cards with those names.

But I don’t want to simply jump at the first alternate solution.

So I’m opening this up to you. What names would you call the cards?

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5 Responses to Are these the right card names?

  1. Demiurgus says:

    Fits Like a Glove
    A Stitch in Spine
    Oh THAT’s Where That Goes
    Hot Glue Gun

    Super Growth:
    Making Friends
    Transylvania Craft Convention
    Recycling Day
    Mad Minds Think Alike

  2. Demiurgus says:

    Everybody Needs Some Body(parts)

  3. Excellent.
    Those are all good additions.

  4. Demiurgus says:

    Growing Attached
    Reassembly Line
    Always Keep a Spare
    Team Building
    Aftermarket Modifications
    Firmware Update
    Sew What?

    Not edited for actual quality.

    P.S.: I had a thought on the Magic portion of Redesigning D&D, and I’m curious what your take on it would be. When you’re not busy with engineering chimeric humanoids, of course.

  5. Those are excellent ideas.
    My favorites in that group are: Team Building and Sew What? (that’s very clever)
    I especially like the concept of “Team Building Exercise.”

    My brain conjures up a vision of a number of classic mad scientists headed to the “parts store.”

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