About KORPG™

About KORPG™

KORPG™ is Kevin Oedekoven.

Kevin makes and plays and studies games. You could say that Kevin never really grew up.
… his wife would probably agree.

Kevin is a loving and devoted father. You could say that Kevin can relate to his kids.
… his kids usually think Kevin’s silly.

I’m Kevin Oedekoven. I’m a Mad Scientist. I still believe in Happily Ever After.
… and I make games.


Quite simply, I love games. I love how games bring us together. I love all the fun and challenge that come from games. In short, I think playing games is a part of the human condition. And so, I make games.

Card Games like

Board Games like:

Dice Games like:

Role Playing Games like:

Game Accessories and Utilities like:

My Promise to you

Because I want to make games that you will be proud to own and excited to play, I promise to bring you quality games that you can play with your friends and family. I want to provide you with games you can play with your kids or neighbors at the dinner table with an expectation of fun.

An Invitation

Consider this an invitation to check out the games I’ve released as well as those I’m currently developing. See if anything strikes your fancy. I’d also like to welcome you to join in on the forum and development discussions. I’m always willing to hear another point of view and look forward to hearing about any fun you’ve had playing the games I’ve made.

I think it’s your move.

My knowledge and skill set is fairly broad but is obviously skewed to the more technical aspects of things.

I manage a couple of web sites for family and friends. Visit them for a sampling of my non-game related web creations.

I also am a member of the Google Webmaster Top Contributor group. Basically I help people with their sites in the Google SERPS.

Also, as a paying part of my activities, I’m the WEN Coordinator for the State of Wyoming. I manage the network that connects all the school districts in the State of Wyoming. Soon this network will be a combined (unified) system that will combine state agency traffic as well as the educational side of things. Currently I’ve been tasked with managing the vision and mapping out the path to this unified design.

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